Clinker - Tick Tickety Boom! (2014)

by Clinker

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Let’s go get stoned Brain fried in beer batter Cut price life insurance Gran’s teeth they will chatter (in a jar beside her bed) Seemingly of no importance Let’s go get stoned Caught in a ball of flaming spite Seems like there’s no escape Then boom with a flash of light (sorry I don’t know what came over me) She appears from under his cape Let’s go get stoned I feel the bats circling I feel them closing in I feel their taste for blood My blood, your blood They don’t seem to care at all The walls of fate are closing in (Written by Jordan/Matsumoto)
She’s got the time, I’ve got the rhyme She’s always looking for that easy answer She knows my mind, hard to unwind She will never find that easy answer Baby’s got no running water, baby’s got no running water (baby’s running high) Baby’s got no running water, baby’s got no running water (baby’s running low) Baby! It’s hard to see, just what will be When all is clouded and obscured by fences You’ll never see, what’s meant to be When all is clouded and obscured by fences Baby’s got no running water… I’ll find, I’ll find myself put up against the wall I’ll find, I’ll find that you just can’t have it all Baby’s got no running water… (Written by Jordan)
Everybody quiet now We’ve reached the end of the line All life is buggered It’s just a matter of time I’m just a tick in your empty box I’m just a time bomb in your liver soaked Tick…tock…tick…tick…tock You’re sorry now But were you sorry then Now my life is buggered Since that time when I’m just a tick in your empty box… Seven months down And I’m still hurt by you You buggered up my life Without a think it through I’m just a tick in your empty box… (Written by Jordan/Matsumoto)
I’ll keep ticking along Wondering how did it come to pass I’ll keep ticking along I’m left on my arse I’ll keep ticking along And it won’t be long ‘fore I’m due to blow I’m just ticking away And it won’t be long ‘fore I’m set to go Another fault on the default line (tick tick ticking away) Tick tickety boom When the time has come And the fuse is lit, there’s no turning back And when the deed has begun Though my heart is numb, you’ll be under attack (Written by Jordan)
The night is done, now I’m all alone My body drained, my clothes a mess The high of the night has gone All I’ve got is this nasty feeling I can feel it back again Next up I’ll be at your door Ready to play, ready to take on more Your guess is as good as mine But the answer will come, through the grapvine I can feel it back again (written by Jordan)
A skulk of foxes surrounding my every move There is fault here that’s hard to prove baying for blood…my blood…at any cost Any hope of survival is quite clearly lost I AM A PERFECTIONIST I AM A PROCRASTINATOR Never achieving the high standards that I set I AM A SOMNAMBULIST I AM (JUST) A SPECTATOR As others control what I am and what I get Complicated, intertwined, hard to understand Close ties try to kick start me to be man That is me…the way it is…today Not realising, I can’t control it in that way. Months of talk, am I getting anywhere Even though some show and claim to care Sometimes I am…but then…sometimes not They’re not in it and dealing with my lot So while the foxes drool and circle my weakened frame All good snatched away, things aren’t even the same Blind to see what is really going on inside my head Will I ever escape and be the leader not the led IT’S EASIER TO CRITICISE, THAN IT IS TO UNDERSTAND WISHING THINGS WERE BETTER IS MUCH EASIER IF YOU CAN MY GLASS IS HALF BROKEN, HALF FULL BUT FULL OF GLASS OPEN TO DISCRIMINATION, FALLING ON MY ARSE (Written by Jordan)
I’m getting up on the elephants trunk He’s got a nose for that kinda thing He swings to the left, he swings to the right Everyone’s holding on for dear life He’s got a nose for that kinda thing Elephant He’s got a nose for that kinda thing (Written by Jordan/Matsumoto)
INSTRUMENTAL written by Tomoko Matsumoto
Half past Tuesday, It’s a sunny afternoon The radios playing one of my favourite tunes And all is well All is far from hell Cooking up a storm with fresh ingredients Following the recipe with a few added variants And all is well All is far from hell IF ONLY ALL DAYS WERE LIKE THIS A DAY FULL OF UNINTERUPTED BLISS BUT LIFES NOT LIKE THAT YOU ALSO HAVE TO DEAL WITH ALL THE CRAP But that’s ok, though all’s against me I will stand there strong in adversity All will be well All will be far from hell And you can tell those fuckers don’t bother me I’m not as soft like you think of me I am well I am far from hell LAUGHTER IS A WAY OUT OF SLIME BUT I’LL DEAL WITH YOU IN MY OWN TIME RIGHT NOW YOU’RE NOT ON MY RADAR JUST A RANDOM I MET IN A STRANGE BAR NEXT UP I’LL BE AT YOUR DOOR READY TO PLAY, READY TO TAKE ON MORE YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS MINE BUT THE ANSWER WILL COME HEAD FIRST THRU THE GRAPE VINE (Written by Jordan/Matsumoto)


A year in the life of Clinker. A year of health issues, poverty, sanctions and a coalition government. Happy times.


released June 10, 2014


All songs performed, produced and mastered by Peter Jordan and Tomoko Matsumoto.

Tracks 1, 3, 7 9 and the bonus track written by Peter Jordan and Tomoko Matsumoto.
Tracks 2, 4, 5 and 6 written by Peter Jordan.
Track 8 written by Tomoko Matsumoto.

All artwork by Ilia Rogatchevski.


all rights reserved


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