Chewing Gum Mystery

from by Clinker

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A strange thing happened to me last night.

Tomoko had gone to bed and I fell asleep on the sofa, facing the vertical back part. I awoke and felt something at the back of my throat. I reached inside to pull out whatever it was. It was an over-chewed piece of bubble gum that stretched as I pulled it out. This was strange as I hadn’t eaten chewing gum for years. When I’d finished I had a one pound sized lump of it in the palm of my hand. As soon as I closed my eyes again to resume sleep, another lump appeared. I sat up and again removed it, pulling out the sticky gum. Was I hallucinating? Am I going insane? I became scared and freaked out. I decided to go and wake Tomoko up to show her the gum in my hand, but as soon as I stood up I fell to my knees, feeling dizzy. Undaunted, determined to show Tomoko, I headed for the bedroom, staggering like I was pissed or in some kind of k-hole. With Tomoko roused, I showed her the gum in my hand, expecting her to say there was nothing there.

“Ah, chewing gum”, she said, snatching it from my hand and putting it in her mouth like nothing odd had happened.

My head spinning, I grabbed my head, trying to make sense of the situation.

Seconds later I awoke on the sofa, still facing the same place at the beginning of the story. It had all been just a dream. A dream within a dream.


from Pete Da Clinker - Who Hell He? (2017), released April 6, 2017



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