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Clinker - Volume one © 98​-​05

by Clinker

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I feel like a rusty spanner A half baked biscuit with bandana Not as fat as she'd like As thin as I'd like I got this haircut for a tanner I'm over cooked for ideas When I can get my mind clear Scrape the fat off my brain Keeps me insane Or appropriately near Oh how we flipped became unzipped Letting air in the air Oh how we tried to analyse The things we did and said there We're held on by a clinker Never met such a clinker
Don’t know which way to turn But I know I’m gonna burn Don’t know which way to turn Some things you just can’t learn I can’t be all things to one man But I can be what he thinks he sees One bush is worth three off the hand When overspill equals calamaties Pull me this way and that Call me a total twat Outside my natural habitat You’ll never touch me like that
You say I’m lazy I haven’t a clue I say I’m doing whatever I want to do You say I’m shallow, no mind of my own But I say that’s arse, you just like to moan Whatever the truth is, in whatever we do There’ll never be another made just like you N’whatever it is, you think that I am Seems only to live in the man that I am You say I’m obsessed with money and food I say I’ll go with whatever the mood You say I’m crazy, don’t know when to stop I say you’re always just having a pop You say I’m greedy You are you’re a thief Well I say you’re selfish beyond all belief You say I’m obsessed You are you’re a letch So much so you make other girls wretch You say I’m outmoded You are you’re a prude I like to watch titties you say that’s rude You say I’m hard hearted You are you’re a rock Sometimes you’re there for me sometimes you’re not You say I’m not clever Clever? You’re thick Sometimes I wonder just what makes you tick You say I’ve bad habits You are you’re a slob Always a picking and scratching your knob
It’s better than your sex maybes But i’m not down with your disease You got money coming out your ears It’s what you made all through the years If I look into your eyes See the difference ‘tween you and me I wont be wishing I was you You’re so charming, you’re so see through (ch) I’m counting the lines, while you count your money I’m biding my time, sunnyside up and runny I won’t turn my back on you Another difference ‘tween you and me When your life goes belly up Who ya run to, who’ll be there (ch x 2) What have you got that I do not have got Aside from money you do not have a lot Everything seems in dreams... Sunnyside up and runny... (ch x 2)
They wont leave me alone Everybody wants something This wants my money This one wants other things My head can't cope with all these requests When all I hoped for was no more tests The devil in me, my soul is his Feasts of goodness, putting me through this She wants me now, she wants tomorrow Underneath all I feel is sorrow Fill me full of warmth, make me your hero While stuck back in another world i'm somebodies zero Am I good or am I evil Well I know i'm good Should I hide or should I be there Well I know I should, could, would Do all the things she wanted me to do (repeat chorus)
I’m walking thru walls, taking it all Knowing there’ll never be no regrets when I’m dead (Open up your mind, feel what you feel reach inside and make it real) Conditioning says we shouldn’t do this But what do you think, whats the deal My mind says life's for living But what do you think, whats the real deal I’m walking… No-one knows what you need It’s your illusion, it’s you that feels You’re the director of your scene It’s your illusion, it’s you that feels I’m walking…(x2) open your mind… Heaven knows how you faked it You create it, it’s your release The world is yours for the taking So take it now, it’s your release I’m walking...(x4)
Sega 02:52
When you came and turned the light on Brought out a fire in me, you don’t know it You sure don’t show it You sure don’t show it But I saw something in your eyes That I find hard to interpret Try to forget it Forget it Autolock, autolock…Just like on Sega Autolock, about to dock, nothing much rhymes with Sega I swam to the depth of your emotion Because I wanted to, I needed to Back and forth and forth Back and forth Autolock, autolock…Just like on Sega Autolock, about to dock, nothing much rhymes with Sega Autolock, autolock…Just like on Sega Autolock, about to dock, Alan Vega or Darth Vader Now I’m the victim of my own necessity Locked right in to your tracter beam It’s just what it seems, What it seems Autolock…(long)
Tyred 01:41
I’m Tired, long to be sleeping But I can hear the mouse, scratching away In another land, on another planet All is not well and the mouse will have its will I’m Tired, long to be sleeping But I can hear the mouse, scratching away Yesterweek, all was well The mouse knew its place, and love will have its will I’m sleeping, aint so tired I aint seen the mouse, he gone away Three days on, the mouse has gone And my love is a thrill I was tired, so tired, tired tired tired tired tired
2 U (I Do) 04:03
Slimeball 04:17
Slimeball, my dick is dirty and I’m cruising Slimeball, still I’m horny, my balls-a-bruising Slimeball, my price is low, still I’m payin’ Slimeball, living a lie to what they’re saying I’m an actor, a porno actor Playin’ up for the screen Doing something obscene (x2) Slimeball, my sack is empty, but I can’t stop Slimeball, in the back seat, I’m about to pop Slimeball, in the distance, a lonely smile Slimeball, she is dirty and in denial Of the actor, porno actor…
I’m gonna fly...to that faraway land Come back...like a different man Rolling over...supernova Everything comes with….it’s own chauffer I’ve got a ticket to another world One that’s hopefully not so cold Making my bones feel old Older than they should be At age 22...and the rest Younger than my prime Yet older all the time It’s just a number It’s a bummer of a number
Something’s holding you down girl And I don’t know what it is I gotta very strong hunch though Something’s changed the way it is Sometimes a dream can last forever Sometimes it will last a day Someone’s treating you wrong girl Well I wanna know who it is You had a very strong mind girl Something’s changed the way it is Sometimes a dream can last forever Sometimes it will last a day If I can be your friend girl Then I’ll show you the way it is There are no rights and no wrongs girl Its all just the way it is Sometimes a dream can last forever Sometimes it will last a day
Intro: Am, Am (with a G note on top), F (four string with open E) Am C Do’ want no distant cousin F thing (as above) (Satans bad grass oily sister) Am C Do’ wanna be playin’ it down F thing (as above) (Nightmare itch game of twister) x2 Mid: Dm, Dm (with G note), Dm (open E), Dm (on off open E) Dm C Picnics on beaches, building castles Em Coated in seaweed dribble Dm C Frisbee for the dogs, ice cream for the people Em Too punchdrunk to quibble
Satellite 02:54
Shards of light, Satellite Spin roullette spin Spin spin again Shards of light, Satellite No coming down to ground roulette spin, spin it again Life spinning round Earth turns, sun burns so life goes on and on Superman, does what he can So life goes on Fields of fire, unholy desire World marching round and round high in the sky, learning to fly World going down
Hero worship, was it worth it All day groaning, non-stop moaning Big fat geezer、 tryin’ a please her Who’s the bad guy, I’m the mad guy I never wanna see you again (repeat) Lyin’ in a gutter, all a splutter Maybe I’m lazy, but you‘re just crazy Dance on fire, you little liar Clapped out lady, there is no maybe I never wanna see you again (repeat) Reality check, noose ‘round whose neck Skid tracks, up and down your back This bodies breaking, nerves are aching A bloody nose, s”just how it goes I never wanna see you again (repeat)



Clinker was started in 1998 when I (Pete) decided to write songs again after a year and a half of recording just breakbeat tunes as Opera Dog (with Marcus Moir).

The first collection of songs ‘Clinker Schminker’ circulated among friends in 1999. It was written mostly stream of conscious and reflects my state of mind at the time (ie. pretty fucked up). It was quite a mad set of songs/experiments.

The next set of songs was ‘Up Chunky!’ (2000). My plan for these songs was to make an album where every song could be a hit single. I strayed away from that original idea a bit, but a lot of them are raw pop tunes.

‘The Truth About Nuts’ followed in 2002 as my fucked up take on Abbey Road, with the song suite on side 2 and everything. It was a mixture of the pop and weirder stuff. By now Tomoko was involved, albeit still in a minor way. I’d yet to pull her away from the Theatre work she was busily doing.

What followed was ‘Porno’ (2004), which isn’t really a Clinker album, but it sorta is. I’d say it was a mix of Clinker and Opera Dog. It had songs with a hint, sometimes more than a hint of breakbeat. The subject matter was more than porno. It was about the PC world we live in.

After that came ‘IYAM WOT IYAM 1’ and ‘IYAM WOT IYAM 2’ in 2005. The first one was recorded as 4 EPs, but collected together as one album. For the first time Tomoko became involved in the songwriting. The 2nd one was written and recorded over 6 Wednesdays and features whatever came into my head. A lot more experimental overall that the first one.

These albums were recorded pretty badly, though were getting better by 2005. All the songs on this compilation are re-recorded versions from between 2008 and 2021.

Clinker Schminker (1999)

1. Feels like a Rusty Spanner (rerecording 2016)
2. Overspill Equals Calamaties (rerecording 2008)
3. Whatever Is, Is (rerecording 2016)

Up Chunky! (2000)

4. Sunnyside Up and Runny (rerecording 2008)
5. Am I Good )Am I Evil) (rerecording 2007)
6. Walking Thru Walls (rerecording 2016)
7. Sega (rerecording 2013)

The Truth About Nuts (2002)

8. Tyred (rerecording 2008)
9. 2 U (I Do) (rerecording 2014)

Porno (2004)

10. Slimeball (rerecording 2008)

IYAM WOT IYAM 1 (2005)

11. 22...and the Rest (rerecording 2016)
12. A Dream Can Last Forever (rerecording 2021)
13. Too Punchdrunk (Bushwhacked (rerecording 2008)
14. Satellite (rerecording 2021)

IYAM WOT IYAM 2 (2005)

15. I Never Wanna See You Again (rerecording 2021)


released August 27, 2021

Clinker are Peter Jordan and Tomoko Matsumoto

All songs written by Peter Jordan

Additional musicians:

Marcus Moir - drums on 2, 4, 5, 10 and 13
Sean Stevens - guitar on 12 and 15
Matt Ellis - bass on 13


all rights reserved



Clinker Greater London, UK

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